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Mar 6, 2014 12:00pm CST
increasing gives us more energy. the barometer is high. the windchill at 26 close to the temperature. these are some of the temperatures around the area. these are the cooler ones that are currently in existence around here. look at the sunshine. it is warming many areas above 30 degrees. ears of you out west which kind of tells you the story. there's a complex on a trip across the entire north pacific ocean. waves of energy rotate around it. they're like storms within a stunt. look at the clouds each with some mild oceanic air and co. i will tell you the other place for there is going to be some trouble is on the east coast. look at the thunderstorms pearland to florida. howling winds and heavy rain on the coast. ultimately some snow on the mountains. it will stay well east of us. you get into warmer air tomorrow. this will always comes through late monday. there is a bubble of high pressure that for a day brings a cold northeast wind. that is when we get warmer. severe weather possibilities down in florida. a tornado watch in effect south florida. miami finished the third warmest w
Feb 27, 2014 12:00pm CST
depiction. this will bring thunderstorms. look at that thing spinning. energy will jump the mountains. see the forecast by late tomorrow. a break on saturday. this is the one with gulf moisture. not a heck of a lot. we are up to 6:30p on sunday. big rain right up against the mountains. this streak of snow. here is a quick look at the numbers. a feel for the type of accumulation. we are not done with winter yet. that is the bottom line. despite many areas will struggle to 9 above. northwest winds are coming down. tonight scattered clouds, bitterly cold. te mperatures rising along the shoreline. -7 at ohare. readings improving a bit. sticking snow tomorrow night. high temperature 22. stay tuned that track will be adjusting. tuned that track will be adjusting. but nobody warned me about this. [ whispers ] that boys start to smell. mom! what? you're becoming a man. this bag filled with his baseball clothes... let's just say it's got a powerful scent. but with tide sport, i just throw the bag right in the wash, clothes and all and it comes out fresh as a daisy. makes this puberty thing eas
Feb 28, 2014 12:00pm CST
some flooding. uc the precipitatio. in the meantime a little piece of energy that came off of this is producing the snow northwest of us. that is what comes later tonight. here's how it moves. this is 5:00 this evening. this little pocket of light snow will be flirting with the area around midnight. there is daybreak tomorrow. it is still snowing in parts of the area before the sun comes out. winter storm watches have and posted. these folks will see the heaviest precipitation to come out of this series of weather systems. these are winter weather advisory storm warnings. look at the flood watches and california. all of the rain is coming on shore. here's the other thing unfolds. a little wave of snow comes through tonight. it is out of here. the main system sits down here. it sends a vigorous way. that is midnight tomorrow night. that will settle south. we might turn the snow off at times. it will bring another wave down state. that one could lay down a pretty good accumulation. tomorrow morning it will be out west of us. see how it is coming close to us by 6:00 tomorrow evening.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3